How Much do Dart Players Make?

The dart game is not only an excellent source of fun but also a decent way to make huge money and fans across the world. Even you can get astonished after knowing how much do dart players make. Top-rank professional darts players make can £1.6 Million a year only from the winning price and the winner of the 2023 event get £500,000.

Read on to know the salary range of professional darts player and their income sources. 

How Much do Dart Players Make?

Professional darts players in the present day make huge money from prize-winning, sponsorship, and guest appearances. Most of the darts players who rank in the top ten are multi-millionaires. They can earn $3 million in prize money from one championship tournament. 

The PDC’s top professional dart players can make £1.6 Million a year from prize money which goes over £5.3 Million after including sponsorship deals.

Who Is The Highest-Paid Dart Player?

Currently, Michael van Gerwen from the Netherlands is the highest-paid dart player in the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) premier league. He was wont £1.6 Million in prize money and £5.3 Million from sponsorship and endorsement deals in the PDC Premier League season 2019. He alone won £500,000 from one tournament.

How Do Professional Dart Players Make Money

As we mentioned, the main source for professional dart players to make money are winning prizes, sponsorship, and guest appearances. Let’s get some detail:

  • Competition Prize Money

It’s the main way to make money professionally darts players. Along with the growth of TV presence and global popularity, the competition prize money is also increased. The prize money for the 2021 PDC world championship was £2,500,000 and the top 64 placed got £7,500 only for competing. The winner of this tournament got £500,000.

  • Sponsorship

When watching your favorite dart player on the television, you should see sponsor logos on his shirts. The dart player is paid for showing these logos. The sponsorship money helps the professional dart player achieve enough ranking points to enter the larger competitions and manage the expensive travel money for international tournaments. 

Though the exact sponsor fees vary from player to player, you can check James Wade’s sponsorship page to get an idea of how much he paid to entice brands. 

  • Guest Appearances

Many lower ranked players earn a decent amount of money being quest of local games exhibitions and sports talk shows. Leagues, tournaments, and bars hire players to boost the sales of their establishments. 

Though the quest appearances don’t give them huge money, the dart player uses it to supplement income or to pay for expenses during playing in abroad tournaments.

Though most dart players charge around £250 to £500 for a guest appearance, top players earn up to £6,000. 

Final Words

As you can see top ranked professional dart players can make huge money from winning prizes and other sources. Undoubtedly the earnings are increasing rapidly along with growing popularity and fan base all over the world. Compared to the 2010 tournament, dart players’ earn increased up to 150% in the recent few years.