The Top 5 Best darts for cricket of 2023

Dartsfella, looking for the best darts for cricket? You’ve come to the right place!

Cricket darts is one of the most popular games in the darts world and there’s a good reason for it. It’s easy to learn, exciting to play, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. In order to win this game, along with good strategy you’ll need a good set of darts.

There are many different darts on the market, but which one is best for you? In this article, we’ve listed down the top 6 best darts for cricket based on their performance, grip level, design, and features. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, these darts will help you improve your skills. So, if you’re wondering which darts to buy, read on to find the perfect one for you!

Best darts for cricket; A Quick List Below

Best Darts for Cricket Key FeaturesPurchase🛒
1. Best overall: Target Darts Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 DartsQuattro grip
Titanium shaft
2. Editor’s choice: Target Darts Raymond Van Barneveld DartsTrapezoidal and ring grip
Black titanium coating
3. Best for Professionals: Harrows Avanti Steel Tip Darts7 grip zones
Mid-balanced barrels
4. Best for Beginners: Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip DartsSandpaper grip
Aluminum shafts
Extra shafts (6)
Flights (3)
5. Best Soft Tip Dart: Target Darts Phil Taylor Power 8Zero DartsRinged grip
Short shaft

Best darts for cricket reviews

1. Target Darts Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Darts Review

Best Overall

- DartsFella


  • Weight: 22g, 24g, and 26g
  • Color: Silver and Blue
  • Barrel Material: Tungsten (95%)
  • Tip Type: Steel
  • Brand: ‎Target Darts

Target Darts Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Steel Tip Darts are perfect for the player who wants performance and quality. This dart is endorsed by PDC champion Phil Taylor and uses 95% tungsten to make it incredibly durable.

The barrel provides consistent throw after throw, while the four power pockets ensure accuracy when targeting. Plus, the 30mm points are nickel-built, stick solidly to the dart board. Here, the titanium nitride layer combines with stunning Azzurri blue to make sure darts stay looking great for a longer time. Furthermore, the Quattro grip design gives a comfortable and ergonomic grip; suitable for rear grippers.

The titanium shafts and the power flights complete a sleek and modern design. So, order the darts set now and enjoy smooth cricket games.

2. Target Darts Raymond Van Barneveld Darts Review

Editor’s Choice

61hDQdt7eKL. AC SX250 - DartsFella


  • Weight: 23g
  • Color: Black
  • Barrel Material: Tungsten (95%)
  • Tip Type: Steel
  • Brand: Target Darts

If you’re a dart enthusiast and want the best possible equipment to improve the cricket game, then look no further than the Target Darts Raymond Van Barneveld Steel Tip Dart. The darts set is endorsed by world champion Raymond Van Barneveld.

This dart features a 95% tungsten barrel that helps to deliver accurate shots even under high-pressure situations. The barrel design contains a combination of radial grooves (rear end) and trapezoidal milling (front end). This results in the trapezoidal grip and ring grip for strong grip and stability when throwing.

The black titanium coating provides a unique and distinctive look, while the pro grip shafts and RVB flights make sure darts fly straightly. Thus, buy the darts set today and hit the target with consistency.

3. Harrows Avanti Steel Tip Darts Review

Best for Professionals

71BMWYQ+JGL. AC SX250 - DartsFella


  • Weight: 21g, 22g, 23g, 24g, 25g, and 26g.
  • Color: Black, Silver, and Green
  • Barrel Material: Tungsten (90%)
  • Tip Type: Steel
  • Brand: Harrows

Looking for a dart that is perfect for professional players? Look no further than Harrows Avanti Steel Tip Darts. These darts are specifically designed for professionals, offering a variety of color combinations provides a sleek design.

The dart is made of high-quality tungsten (90%) barrel which is mid-balanced, gives superior performance and great longevity. Plus, the design of the barrel contains seven grip zones which makes it perfect for all grip styles; rear, middle, and front. You’re sure to find the perfect set of darts for your style.

The supergrip carbon shafts add an extra layer of stability and precision to your shots. Not only that but the flight pattern is designed to make sure that every dart is thrown with accuracy and power.

Whether you’re a player looking for an upgrade or an event organizer searching for the perfect set of darts, Harrows Avanti is your go-to choice.

4. Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts Review

Best for Beginners

518B8WNTaPL. AC SX250 - DartsFella


  • Weight: 25g
  • Color: Black
  • Barrel Material: Tungsten (90%)
  • Tip Type: Steel
  • Brand: ‎Bottelsen

Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts is the perfect beginner’s dart for cricket. These darts are handcrafted in the USA and constructed from top-quality tungsten barrels, making them durable and strong.

The dart is designed with a great-looking finish and comes with a thumb and finger radius to give you a precision grip for hitting the target consistently. Plus, the sharkskin coating provides sandpaper grip which makes sure of solid control even in sweaty situations. Furthermore, the no-slip grip will keep you from making any unintentional movements that could result in an error.

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With its anodized grooved shafts (aluminum) and precision grip flights, this dart set is built to perform under pressure. Finally, they come packaged in a sleek and luxurious deluxe showcase; making them an ideal gift choice. So why wait? Order your set today!

5. Target Darts Phil Taylor Power 8Zero Darts Review

Best Soft Tip Dart

71C2gezCfrL. AC SY250 - DartsFella


  • Weight: 19g and 20g
  • Color: Black
  • Barrel Material: Tungsten (80%)
  • Tip Type: Soft
  • Brand: Target Darts

Target Darts Phil Taylor Power 8Zero Soft Tip Darts are ideal for electronic dart boards where multiple cricket games are offered. Not only these darts are endorsed by the greatest darts player of all time, but they’re also designed with his unique design in mind.

Apart from stunning appearance, the darts also feature a durable tungsten barrel with titanium nitride coating for excellent accuracy and control when throwing.

The barrel is intricately designed with a laser engraving power 8-zero logo. Also, it got a ringed grip which provides a superior grip. With a pro grip short shaft and power flights, these darts will give you long-lasting performance. In addition, the soft points stick solidly to the dart board.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these darts are sure to improve your game. Hence, add this darts set to your cart or basket and impress your friends and teammates.


If you’re a fan of darts and love playing the game of cricket, then you’ll need some good darts to enjoy the experience. Thankfully, we have reviewed a list of the best darts for cricket, so you can choose the one that is perfect for your game. Whether you’re a beginner or casual or a seasoned player, our list has something for you! Comment down below to tell us which dart you think is the best for cricket!